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Gigabyte GA-8IDMNF (spec cosmos)


Form Factor Edit
  • µATX 22.9 x 19.2 cm Form Factor

CPU Support Edit
List of Supported Processors
  • Socket MPGA 478B
  • Supports Intel P4 FC-PGA2 (0.18 Micron, 256K cache, 400 MHz FSB), 1.4 to 2.4 GHz
  • Supports Intel P4 FC-PGA2 (0.13 Micron, 512K cache, 400 MHz FSB), 1.8 to 2.4 GHz
  • Supports Intel Celeron P4 FC-PGA2 (0.18 Micron, 128K cache 400 MHz FSB) 1.9 GHz
  • 100 MHz (x4 = 400 MHz) data bus support (Quad-Bumped technology)

System Memory Edit
  • Supports 2 memory slots
  • Serial Presence Detect (SPD) support
  • Supports a maximum memory size of 1 GB (using 2x512 MB memory modules)
  • Support only 3.3V DIMM DRAM configurations
  • ECC DIMM support
  • 133 MHz SDRAM interface
  • STR power management support via self refresh mode using CKE

Core Logic (Chipset) Edit
The Intel 845 chipset consists of the Intel« Memory Controller Hub (MCH) and the Intel« I/O Controller Hub 2 (ICH2).
  • Intel« Memory Controller Hub (MCH)
    • Processor Host/Bus support (400 MHz data transfer rate)
    • Supports SDR-SDRAM at 133 MHz operation (PC133)
    • AGTL+ host bus with integrated termination supporting 32-bit host operation
    • 1.5 V AGP interface with 4x SBA/data transfer and 2x/4x fast write capability
    • 8-bit, 66 MHz 4x hub interface to ICH2
  • Intel« I/O Controller Hub 2 (ICH2)
    • PCI rev 2.2 specification support
      • Supports PCI bus at 33 MHz
      • 2 PCI + 1 CNR
      • 133 MB/s maximum throughput
    • Integrated IDE controller supporting PIO Mode 4 transfers at up to 14 MB/s, Ultra ATA/33 mode transfers at up to 33 MB/s, and Ultra ATA/66 mode transfers up to 66 MB/s and Ultra ATA/100 mode transfers at up to 100 MB/s</li>
    • Two USB controllers, supporting wake-up from sleeping states S1-S4, and legacy mouse/keyboard software. Note: There is support for 4 USB ports on the motherboard, all of which are active at the same time (so no need for a USB selection jumper). Two of the USB ports are on the back panel, and the onboard JUSB2 header can be connected to two USB ports.</li>
    • AC'97 link for audio and telephony codecs (AC'97 2.1 interface)</li>
    • SMBus interface

I/O controller Edit
Winbond W83627HF-AW I/O controller with the following features:
  • PS/2 keyboard and mouse controller
  • Floppy disk controller supporting one FDD with 360 K, 720 K, 1.2 M and 1.44 MB
  • 2 serial ports, both 16C550 Fast UART compatible
  • 1 Parallel port supporting SPP (Standard Parallel Port), EPP (Enhanced Parallel Port), and ECP (Extended Capabilities Port) modes
  • 1 MIDI/game port
  • Hardware monitoring
  • Fan speed monitoring
  • Built-in case open detection circuit
  • Watchdog comparison of all monitored values

Audio Chipset Edit
Integrated on the SigmaTel Technologies STAC9756T - audio codec
  • DirectSound AC'97 2.1 audio
  • Inputs and outputs: Stereo inputs for line-in, CD audio, mono inputs for microphone and TAD, MPU-401 (UART mode) interface for wavetable synthesisers and MIDI devices; integrated game port.
  • Mixer features: Mixer with stereo for line, CD audio, auxiliary, music synthesiser, digital audio (wave files), and mono for microphone and speakerphone
  • Features: 3D stereo enhancement for simulated surround, power management support
  • SPDIF output for PCM & AC3 sound formats

BIOS Specifications Edit
  • Plug and Play
  • Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) 1.0
  • Advanced Power Management (APM) 1.2
  • Y2K
  • PC 2001
  • S3 mode
  • Desktop Management Interface (DMI)
  • 2 Mbits flash device
  • Language supported: English
  • POST

Compliance Edit
Specification Description
µATX µATX form factor specifications
AGP 1.0 Accelerated Graphics Port
APM Advanced Power Management BIOS interface specification
ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power management Interface
EPP Enhanced Parallel Port IEEE 1284 standard, mode 1 or 2
ECP Extended Capabilities Port
Synchronous DMA Transfer Protocol specification (to be proposed as Ultra DMA/33 standard)
PCI 2.2 PCI Local Bus specification
Plug and Play Plug and Play BIOS specification
USB Universal Serial Bus specification

External Link Edit
Source: Packard Bell > Cosmos (GA8IDMNF) Rev 1.0 µATX motherboard